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January 10, 2015- Although we haven't been very good at keeping you updated on Maggie's progress for the last while we are thrilled to let you know that since Maggie was adopted by our own staff member Brianne in 2012 she has lost a lot more weight. This has been in part due to a more preferable environment for Maggie's personality as well as the fact that Brianne has been feeding Maggie the Hills Metabolic Diet for weight loss.


June 15, 2012 - New update!  After plateauing in her weight loss Maggie had trouble breaking the 19lb mark but we are glad to announce that with a slight modification to her diet and some new stimulating toys she is back on track and weighing in at 18.8lbs! 



Our clinic cat Maggie is on a diet - check back here for updates on her weight loss...

February 2011 - Maggie came to live with us and weighed in at 23 lbs! 



March 2011 - Maggie has lost 2 lbs and is happy and feeling healthier!  We all love having her here and she is quite entertained by the daily goings on around the clinic.


June 2011 - Maggie has broken the 20lb mark!  She is weighing in at 19.46lbs and feeling fit and happy.  She gets up and moves around the clinic far more than before and even manages to get herself into trouble now and then! She is eating Medical/Royal Canin Calorie Control food and we used their software to find out the exact right amount to feed her daily so that she will keep on losing!  If you would like to find out more about the amount your cat should be fed just let us know. 


Stay tuned for more updates...