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October is Pet Health month!

Some simple ways to keep your pet healthy is grooming:

Brushing your pet helps maintain a healthy coat and prevents mat formation as well as other debris from sticking to their coat. Other forms of grooming such as regular trims keep your pets nails healthy. It can prevent injuries such as  splits, breaks or ingrown nails, requiring veterinary assistance. 

A safe pet is a Healthy Pet

Now that it gets darker earlier and Halloween is around the corner it is important to make sure your pet is visible at night and on leash for walks. How to make your pet visible? Reflective collars, leashes and jackets are great options for the colder and darker seasons.

Vaccinations keep your pet safe

Having your pet up to date on vaccines is beneficial to their health and can keep them one step ahead of a virus.

 You insure your car, your home, and yourself. Why not your pets?



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